Folkestone & Hythe Birds

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Last updated: 26th Jun
The 2017 area bird year list is 174 species (176 species at the same time last year)
26th - 3  Catoptria verellus (Marbled Grass-veneer), 6 male Four-spotted Footman, Udea ferrugalis (Rusty-dot Pearl) and Red-necked Footman at Folks' Wood, where Marbled Brown, Ypsolopha parenthesella (White-shouldered Smudge)Anacampsis blattariella (Birch Sober)Eucosma campoliliana (Marbled Bell) and Assara terebrella (Dark Spruce Knot-horn) were among the additions to the year list (Brian Harper / Ian Roberts). Sussex Emerald, Helcystogramma rufescens (Orange Crest) and  Agonopterix nervosa (Dark-fringed Flat-body) at Hythe were also new for the year (Ian Roberts). A Clouded Yellow at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

Sussex Emerald at Hythe (Ian Roberts)

Four-spotted Footman at Folks' Wood (Ian Roberts)

Ypsolopha parenthesella at Folks' Wood (Ian Roberts)

Small Marbled at Hythe (Ian Roberts)

25th - A Small Marbled and a Diamond-back Moth at Hythe, where Acleris holmiana (White-triangle Button) was new for the year (Ian Roberts). Garden Tiger at Palmarsh was also an addition to the year list (Jamie Tomsett).

23rd -  Catoptria verellus (Marbled Grass-veneer) and 2 Agrotera nemoralis (Beautiful Pearl) at Bargrove Wood, where Gold Swift, Round-winged Muslin, Lunar-spotted Pinion, Minor Shoulder-knot, Dingy Footman, Scoparia basistrigalis (Base-lined Grey) and Acrobasis consociella (Broad-barred Knot-horn) were new for the year. Neofriseria peliella (White-spot Groundling) at Hythe was new for the year (Ian Roberts).

Gold Swift at Bargrove Wood

(Ian Roberts)

Round-winged Muslin at Bargrove Wood (Ian Roberts)

Lunar-spotted Pinion at Bargrove Wood (Ian Roberts)

Acrobasis consociella at Bargrove Wood (Ian Roberts)

Bordered Beauty at Chesterfield Wood (Ian Roberts)

Lobster Moth at Chesterfield Wood

(Ian Roberts)

Isophrictis striatella at Hythe

(Ian Roberts)

Aphomia zelleri at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

22nd - A Catoptria verellus (Marbled Grass-veneer), a Blair's Mocha and 2 Red-necked Footman at Chesterfield Wood (Saltwood), where Bordered Beauty, Large Emerald, Lobster Moth, Small Clouded Brindle, Pine Cosmet (Batrachedra pinicolella) and Pammene regiana (Regal Piercer) were among the additions to the year list. Singles of Silver Y and Diamond-back Moth at Hythe, where Isophrictis striatella (White-border Neb) and Dichrorampha alpinana (Broad-blotch Drill) were new for the year (Ian Roberts). A Bisigna procerella (Kent Tubic) at Cheriton, where Maple Prominent was new for the year (Brian Harper). Silver Y and 3 Diamond-back Moths at Seabrook, where Aphomia zelleri (Twin-spot Honey), Brachmia blandella (Gorse Crest), Tineola bisselliella (Common Clothes Moth) and Gypsonoma dealbana (Common Cloaked Shoot) were new for the year. Also a White Admiral there (Paul Howe).

Catoptria verellus at Chesterfield Wood (Ian Roberts)

Bisigna procerella at Cheriton (Brian Harper)

21st - A Silver Y and 2 Diamond-back Moths at Seabrook, where Yponomeuta malinellus (Apple Ermine), Yponomeuta cagnagella (Spindle Ermine) and Euzophera pinguis (Ash-bark Knot-horn) were new for the year (Paul Howe). A Diamond-back Moth at Hythe, where Teleiodes vulgella (Common Groundling) and Yponomeuta cagnagella (Spindle Ermine) were new for the year (Ian Roberts).

20th - A Red-necked Footman and 2 Diamond-back Moths at Seabrook, where White Satin, Dingy Shears, Yponomeuta rorrella (Willow Ermine) and Crassa unitella (Golden-brown Tubic) were new for the year. 3 Diamond-back Moths at Hythe, where Plumed Fan-foot and Blastobasis adustella were new for the year (Ian Roberts).

19th - Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Schoenobius gigantella (Giant Water-veneer) and Parachronistris albiceps (Wood Groundling) at Seabrook were new for the year (Paul Howe), as was Celypha cespitana (Thyme Marble) at Hythe (Ian Roberts).

Sub-angled Wave at

Folkestone Warren (Ian Roberts)

Cynaeda dentalis at

Folkestone Warren (Ian Roberts)

Selania leplastriana at

Folkestone Warren (Ian Roberts)

Coleophora galbulipennella at

Hythe (Ian Roberts)

Olive Crescent at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Scotia adelphella at Hythe

(Ian Roberts)

Silver-washed Fritillary at Folks' Wood (Brian Harper)

White Admiral at Folks' Wood

(Ian Roberts)

18th - A White-banded Carpet and an Ostrinia nubilalis (European Corn-borer) at Seabrook, where Galleria mellonella (Wax Moth), Marasmarcha lunaedactyla (Crescent Plume), White Colon and Ruddy Carpet were new for the year (Paul Howe). A Red-necked Footman and a Dark Sword-grass at Folkestone Warren, where Selania leplastriana (Cabbage Piercer), Mompha ochraceella (Buff Cosmet), Ethmia dodecea (Dotted Ermel), Cynaeda dentalis (Starry Pearl), Capperia britanniodactylus (Wood Sage Plume), Sub-angled WaveKent Black Arches and The Vapourer were new for the year (Brian Harper / Ian Roberts). Marasmarcha lunaedactyla (Crescent Plume), Pempelia genistella (Gorse Knot-horn), Parapoynx stratiotata (Ringed China-mark), Crambus pascuella (Inlaid Grass-veneer), Blue-bordered Carpet and Scalloped Oak at Hythe were also additions to the year list (Ian Roberts).

17th - 3 White Admirals and 4 Silver-washed Frittilaries at Folks' Wood, where Ringlet and Small Skipper were new for the year (Brian Harper / Ian Roberts).

An Olive Crescent, a Nomophila noctuella (Rush Veneer), 2 Ostrinia nubilalis (European Corn-borer) and 2 Plutella xylostella (Diamond-back Moths) at Seabrook, where  Barred Red, The Fan-foot, Stigmella aurella (Golden Pigmy) and Pleuroptya ruralis (Mother of Pearl) were new for the year (Paul Howe). Dolicharthria punctalis (Long-legged China-mark), Coleophora galbulipennella (Kent Case-bearer), Agriphila straminella (Straw Grass-veneer), Dot Moth and Swallow-tailed Moth at Hythe were also new for the year (Ian Roberts).

16th - A Turtle Dove at West Hythe and a Corn Bunting and a Yellow Wagtail along Donkey Street (Brian Harper).

Scotia adelphella (Willow Knot-horn), Single-dotted Wave, Dwarf Cream Wave and Udea prunalis (Dusky Pearl) at Hythe were new for the year. A Silver-washed Fritillary at Folks' Wood (Ian Roberts). The first Marbled Whites of the year at West Hythe (Brian Harper). A Nomophila noctuella (Rush Veneer), The Lackey, The Rustic, Tawny Speckled Pug and Pandemis heperana (Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix) at Seabrook were also new (Paul Howe).

15th - A Rest Harrow, a Diamond-back Moth, an Ostrinia nubilalis (European Corn-borer), a Nomophila noctuella (Rush Veneer) and 8 Channel Islands Pugs at Seabrook, where additions to the year list included Leopard Moth, Small Emerald, The Spinach and Lozotaeniodes formosanus (Orange Pine Twist) (Paul Howe). An Argrotera nemoralis and a Red-necked Footman at Paraker Wood, where year ticks included Large Twin-spot Carpet, Buff Footman, Tischeria ekebladella (Oak Carl), Eidophasia messingiella (Bitter-cress Smudge) and Achroia grisella (Lesser Wax Moth). A Udea ferrugalis (Rusty-dot Pearl) and a Silver Y at Hythe, where Metalampra italica (Italian Tubic) was among the new species for the year (Ian Roberts).

Leopard Moth at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Rest Harrow at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Agrotera nemoralis at Paraker Wood

(Ian Roberts)

Anania perlucidalis at Hythe

(Ian Roberts)

14th - A Hobby at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

A Blair's Mocha, Small Blood-vein, Anania perlucidalis (Fenland Pearl), Argyresthia brockeella (Gold-ribbon Argent) and Ancylis achatana (Triangle-marked Roller) at Hythe were new for the year, as was a White-letter Hairstreak at West Hythe (Ian Roberts). A Hummingbird Hawk-moth and a Southern Hawker at Seabrook, where Aglossa pinguinalis (Large Tabby) and Cydia splendana (Marbled Piercer) were also additions to the year list (Paul Howe).

Blair's Mocha at Hythe (Ian Roberts)

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13th - A Bordered Straw, 2 Dark Sword-grass, 3 Silver Y and 3 Diamond-back Moths at Folkestone Warren, where 14 additions to the year list included Rest Harrow, Plain Golden Y, Wood Carpet, Dusky Brocade, Epinotia subocellana (White Sallow Bell), Phtheochroa inopiana (Plain Conch), Cochylimorpha straminea (Straw Conch) and Oncocera semirubella (Rosy-striped Knot-horn) (Dave Grundy / Kevin Button / Chris Williams / Ian Roberts). A Silver Y at Seabrook, where Rosy Footman, Least Carpet and Acrolepiopsis assectella (Leek Moth) were new for the year (Paul Howe). Silky Wainscot, Buff Arches, Varied Coronet, Endotricha flammealis (Rosy Tabby), Synaphe punctalis (Long-legged Tabby) and Pexicopia malvella (Hollyhock Seed Moth) at Hythe were also new for the year, whilst a Thaumatotibia leucotreta (False Codling Moth) there - an accidental importation on fruit - was also of interest (Ian Roberts). 

Bordered Straw at Folkestone Warren (Dave Grundy)

Rest Harrow at Folkestone Warren (Ian Roberts)

Epinotia subocellana at Folkestone Warren (Dave Grundy)

Thaumatotibia leucotreta at Hythe (Ian Roberts)

12th - The Clay at Seabrook (Paul Howe) and Acrobasis advenella (Grey Knot-horn) at Hythe (Ian Roberts) were new for the year.

11th - Epiblema foenella (White-foot Bell), Aethes beatricella (Hemlock Yellow Conch) and Argyresthia pygmaeella (Sallow Argent) at Seabrook were new for the year (Paul Howe), whilst Argyresthia pygmaeella (Sallow Argent) was also trapped at Cheriton (Brian Harper).

10th - Agrotera nemoralis (Beautiful Pearl) at Seabrook was new for the year, whilst the first Meadow Browns were seen at Cheriton and Seabrook (Brian Harper). Six-belted Clearwing, Grass Emerald and Six-spot Burnet at Hythe Ranges were also additions to the year list (Ian Roberts), as was Bryotropha domestica (House Groundling) at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

Agrotera nemoralis at Seabrook (Brian Harper)

Small Marbled at Folkestone Warren (Ian Roberts)

Epiblema foenella at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Ghost Moth at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Thiotricha subocellea at Folkestone Warren (Ian Roberts)

Argyresthia glabratella at

Heane Wood (Ian Roberts)

Triaxomera parasitella at

Heane Wood (Ian Roberts)

 Triaxomera fulvimetrella at

Heane Wood (Ian Roberts)

Nemapogon clematella at

Heane Wood (Ian Roberts)

Taleporia tubulosa at Heane Wood (Dave Grundy)

9th - A Hobby at Abbotscliffe (Mark Varley).

A Small Marbled, 2 Red-necked Footman, a Udea ferruaglis, 2 Dark Sword-grass and 4 Silver Y at Folkestone Warren, where 35 additions to the year list included Galium Carpet, Broken-barred Carpet, Barred Straw, Sloe Pug, Orange Moth, Lilac Beauty, Clouded Buff, Thiotricha subocellea (Eyelet Sober), Pempeliella ornatella (Ornate Knot-horn), Anania lancealis (Long-winged Pearl), Anania verbascalis (Golden Pearl), Mecyna asinalis (Coastal Pearl), Evergestis extimalis (Marbled Yellow Pearl) and Catoptria pinella (Pearl Grass-veneer) (Dave Grundy / Kevin Button / Ian Roberts). A Dark Green Fritillary and a Diamond-back Moth at Seabrook, where Lesser Yellow Underwing, Cochylis hybridella (White-bodied Conch), Cnephasia incertana (Light Grey Tortrix) and Donacaula forficella (Pale Water-veneer) were new for the year (Paul Howe).

8th - An Eider off Princes Parade (Nigel Webster) and 3 Siskins at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

Ghost Moth, Dingy Shell, Scallop Shell, Light Arches, Micropterix aruncella (White-barred Gold), Opostega salaciella (Sorrel Bent-wing), Nematopogon schwarziellus (Sandy Long-horn), Taleporia tubulosa (Brown Smoke), Psyche casta (Common Sweep), Triaxomera fulvimitrella (Four-spotted Clothes Moth), Triaxomera parasitella (Large Brindled Clothes Moth), Nemapogon clematella (Barred White Clothes Moth), Argyresthia glabratella (Larch-boring Argent), Aleimma loeflingiana (Yellow Oak Button), Apotomis turbidana (White-shouldered Marble), Eucosma cana (Hoary Bell), Gypsonoma sociana (White Cloaked Shoot), Hypochalcia ahenella (Dingy Knot-horn) and Crambus perlella (Satin Grass-veneer) at at Heane Wood were new for the year. A single Udea ferrugalis (Rusty-dot Pearl) at Hythe (Dave Grundy / Kevin Button / Ian Roberts).

6th -  Olive Crescent, Purple Clay, Small Angle Shades, Double Square-spot, Heart and Club, Ptycholoma lecheana (Brindled Twist), Orthotaenia undulana (Woodland Marble), Spatalistis bifasciana (Small Purple Button), Olindia schumacherana (White-barred Twist), Pandemis cinnamomeana (White-faced Twist), Pandemis cerasana (Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix), Tortrix viridana (Green Oak Tortrix) and Archips podana (Large Fruit-tree Tortrix) were new for the year at Heane Wood, whilst a White-banded Carpet was also of note (Dave Grundy / Kevin Button / Ian Roberts).

Olive Crescent at Heane Wood (Dave Grundy)

Ptycholoma lecheana at Heane Wood (Ian Roberts)

Spatalistis bifasciana at Heane Wood (Ian Roberts)

Olindia schumacherana at Heane Wood (Dave Grundy)

5th - A Banded Demoiselle at West Hythe (Ian Roberts).

4th - A Red Kite flew west over Bargrove Wood and a Hobby flew north over Abbotscliffe (Ian Roberts).

A Red-veined Darter and a Clouded Yellow at Samphire Hoe (Phil Smith). Grey Pug and Elachista atricomella (Black-headed Dwarf) at Seabrook (Paul Howe) were new for the year. Elephant Hawk-moth at Cheriton was also an addition to the year list (Brian Harper). A single Silver Y at Hythe (Ian Roberts). 

Red-veined Darter at Samphire Hoe

(Phil Smith)

Beautiful Golden Y at Saltwood

(Paul Howe)

Hummingbird Hawkmoth at Cheriton
(Sam Lloyd)

Argyresthia curvella at Cheriton (Brian Harper)

3rd -  A Diamond-back Moth at Seabrook, where Buttoned Snout, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Angle-barred Pug, Pale Mottled Willow, Carcina quercana (Long-horned Flat-body), Celypha rosaceana (Roseate Marble), Anania coronata (Elder Pearl), Myelois circumvoluta (Thistle Ermine) and Ectoedemia decentella (Sycamore-seed Pigmy) were new for the year (Paul Howe). Barred Yellow, Beautiful Hook-tip and Argyresthia curvella (Brindled Argent) at Cheriton were also new for the year (Brian Harper).

2nd -  A Honey Buzzard flew over Folkestone Downs (Dawn Balmer).

Bryotropha terrella (Cinereous Groundling) at Seabrook was new for the year (Paul Howe). A Dusky Hook-tip at Casebourne Wood, where Beautiful Golden Y, Udea olivalis (Olive Pearl) and Cnephasia stephensiana (Grey Tortrix) were new for the year. Two Four-spotted at Hythe Roughs, where Aphelia paleana (Timothy Tortrix) was new for the year (Brian Harper).

1st - A Honey Buzzard flew over Folkestone (Dale Gibson).

A Diamond-back Moth at Seabrook, where Green Arches and Cochylis molliculana (Ox-tongue Conch) were new for the year (Paul Howe).

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