Folkestone & Hythe Birds

and other natural history

Last updated: 17th January
The 2019 area bird year list is 107 species (114 species at the same time last year)

17th - At least one Purple Sandpiper still at Hythe (per RBA).

16th - 2 Purple Sandpipers at Hythe, opposite the Hotel Imperial (Ray O'Reilly).

15th - 2 Purple Sandpipers and 7 Turnstones at Hythe, opposite the Stade Court hotel (Glenn Tutton).

Purple Sandpipers at Hythe (Glenn Tutton)

Winter Moth at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Spring Usher at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

14th - 30 Great Crested Grebes, 50 Red-throated Divers and 150 auks flew west past Mill Point (Ian Roberts).

13th - The first Winter Moth of the year was trapped at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

12th - A Chiffchaff and a Blackcap in a garden in Folkestone (John Tomlinson). A Water Rail and 2 Stonechats at Princes Parade, 2 Purple Sandpipers at Hythe (opposite the Stade Court hotel) and 16 Ringed Plovers at Folkestone beach (Ian Roberts).

A Buff-tailed Bumblebee at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

11th - A Water Pipit and a Peregrine at Donkey Street (Ian Roberts).

10th - A Lapland Bunting was reported near West Hythe by the canal (per RBA). 2 Purple Sandpipers at Hythe, opposite the Stade Court Hotel (David Gower). A Little Egret, a Firecrest and a Black Redstart at Samphire Hoe (Brian Adams / Ian Roberts).

A Small Tortoiseshell reported in a garden in Hythe (per Paul Howe).

9th - The Chestnut at Hythe was new for the year (Ian Roberts).

8th - 52 Great Crested Grebes off Seabrook and 83 Red-throated Divers flew west (Paul Howe).

A Grey Seal off Seabrook (Paul Howe).

7th - A Little Egret at Nickolls Quarry (Ian Roberts). A Little Egret at Broadmead Village (Brian Adams).

6th - A Siskin, 2 Little Grebes, 3 Greylag Geese, 4 Pochard and 15 Tufted Ducks in the Cock Ash Lakes area. A Little Egret at Botolph's Bridge. A Curlew at the Willop Basin (Ian Roberts).

A Spring Usher at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

5th - A Black Redstart, a Black-throated Diver, a Shag and a Great Skua at Samphire Hoe (Steve Cutt). A Fulmar and 16 Ringed Plovers in the Folkestone Harbour area and 3 Tufted Ducks flew past (Stephanie Lea). 260 Red-throated Divers flew west past Hythe (Ian Roberts). A Firecrest and 15 Canada Geese at Nickolls Quarry and 3 Sanderling at the Willop Outfall (Brian Harper). 111 Great Crested Grebes off Seabrook (Paul Howe).

4th - A Water Pipit at Donkey Street, a Little Egret at Botolph's Bridge and 16 Corn Buntings at the Willop Sewage Works (Brian Harper). A Mandarin, a Marsh Tit and 2 Woodcocks at Folks' Wood and a Firecrest at Chesterfield Wood (Ian Roberts). A Blackcap at Samphire Hoe (Paul Holt).

A Mottled Umber at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

3rd - 32 Great Crested Grebes and 148 Red-throated Divers off Seabrook (Paul Howe).

2nd - A flock of five Bewick's Swans flew west past Samphire Hoe at 11:30 (Steve Cutt), with four (presumably part of the same flock) continuing west past Hythe at 11:45 (Dave Brown). 3 Firecrests and 3 Oystercatchers were also seen at Samphire Hoe and 70 Red-throated Divers also passed Hythe. 2 Woodcocks were flushed from at Castle Hill (Alfie Gay). A Great Skua and 2 Brent Geese flew east past Mill Point and 2 Kingfishers were at West Hythe (Ian Roberts).

An Epiphyas postvittana (Light Brown Apple Moth) at Seabrook (Paul Howe). A Common Toad at Folkestone Downs (Alfie Gay).

1st - A Water Pipit, a Jack Snipe, a Chiffchaff, 5 Corn Buntings, 8 Redshank, 50 Snipe and 80 Snipe in the Donkey Street / Willop Basin area. A Pochard, a Shoveler, a Tufted Duck, a Green Sandpiper, a Little Egret and 2 Water Rails at Nickolls Quarry. 2 Velvet Scoters, 4 Shelduck and 2,700 Cormorants flew past the Hythe Redoubt (Ian Roberts). 2 Purple Sandpipers at Hythe, opposite the Hotel Imperial (Ivan Macey). 3 Common Scoter, 3 Razorbills, 32 Gannets and 51 Red-throated Divers flew past Samphire Hoe (Steve Cutt).

January to December 2019 sightings have been archived - click on the links for a review of the bird sightings or the moth, butterfly and other sightings for the year to date.

The 2018 Folkestone & Hythe Bird Report and 2018 Non-avian Report are available as free downloads (by clicking on the links).