Folkestone & Hythe Birds

and other natural history

Last updated: 17th July
The 2019 area bird year list is 176 species (183 species at the same time last year)
17th - A Lapwing flew over Folkestone Warren (Kevin Button / Ian Roberts).

Sub-angled Wave, Sallow Kitten, Moitrelia obductella (Kent Knot-horn), Pempeliella ornatella (Ornate Knot-horn) and Sitochroa palealis (Sulphur Pearl) at Folkestone Warren were new for the year. A Catoptria verellus (Marbled Grass-veneer) and 2 Tree-lichen Beauty at Hythe (Kevin Button / Ian Roberts). A Silver-washed Fritillary at Folks' Wood (Clive Nuttman).

16th - Small Wainscot at Seabrook was new for the year (Paul Howe).

15th - A
Bordered Straw at Hythe (Ian Roberts), whilst Anania verbascalis (Golden Pearl) at Cheriton was also new for the year (Brian Harper), as were Canary-shouldered Thorn, Rhodophaea formosa (Beautiful Knot-horn) and Acrobasis advenella (Grey Knot-horn) at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

Bordered Straw at Hythe

(Ian Roberts)

Crescent Dart at Saltwood

(Colin Dunster)

Bisigna procerella at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Six-belted Clearwings at Folkestone Warren (Butterfly Conservation Kent)

14th - Plain Pug at Hythe was new for the year (Ian Roberts).

13th - The 13th area record (but only the 21st for Britain) of Pale-shouldered Cloud at Cheriton (Brian Harper) and first area record of Crescent Dart at Saltwood (Colin Dunster). The Vapourer, Dioryctria sylvestrella (New Pine Knot-horn), Acleris umbrana (Dark-streaked Button) and Syncopacma taeniolella (Silver-barred Sober) at Seabrook were also new for the year (Paul Howe).

Pale-shouldered Cloud at Cheriton

(Brian Harper)

Sussex Emerald at Hythe Ranges

(Ian Roberts)

Aristotelia brizella at Hythe Ranges

(Ian Roberts)

Cydalima perspectalis at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

12th - The first returning Willow Warbler in a garden in Hythe (Sean McMinn).

A Sciota hostilis (Scarce Aspen Knot-horn) at Seabrook, where Assara terebrella (Dark Spruce Knot-horn) and Yponomeuta rorrella (Willow Ermine) were also new for the year (Paul Howe). A presumed immigrant Agrotera nemoralis (Beautiful Pearl) at Hythe, also a Cydalima perspectalis (Box Tree Moth) there, whilst Catoptria falsella (Chequered Grass-veneer) and Agriphila tristella (Common Grass-veneer) at Newingreen were new for the year (Ian Roberts), as were Small Purple-barred, Mouse Moth and Pammene fasciana (Acorn Piercer) at Cheriton (Brian Harper).

11th - Gatekeeper, Ringlet and Small Skipper at Peene Quarry were new for the year (Clive Nuttman), as were Scarce Silver-lines at Cheriton (Brian Harper), Fen Wainscot at Hythe (Ian Roberts) and Acleris sparsana at Seabrook (Paul Howe). 

10th - Pygmy Footman, Dusky Sallow, Rosy Minor, White-line Dart, Aristotelia brizella (Thrift Neb), Caryocolum vicinella (Coast Groundling), Caryocolum marmoreal (Beautiful Groundling), Celypha cespitana (Thyme Marble) and Scoparia subfusca (Large Grey) at Hythe Ranges were new for the year (Ian Roberts), as was Bordered Pug at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

9th - Pine Carpet at Seabrook was new for the year (Paul Howe).

8th - A Honey Buzzard flew over Palmarsh (Paul Howe).

Eudonia truncicolella (Ground-moss Grey) at Seabrook was new for the year (Paul Howe), as was Epermenia chaerophyllella (Garden Lance-wing) at Hythe (Ian Roberts).

7th - Oak Eggar and Small Square-spot at Seabrook were new for the year (Paul Howe), as were Jersey Tiger and Opostega salaciella (Sorrel Bent-wing) at Hythe (Ian Roberts).

6th - Dotted Fan-foot and Pempelia palumbella (Heather Knot-horn) at West Hythe were new species for the area, whilst Clay Fan-foot, Bordered Beauty, Lunar-spotted Pinion, Bisigna procerella (Kent Tubic), Cosmopterix scribaiella (New Marsh Cosmet), Dichomeris alacella (Lichen Crest), Cnaemidophorus rhododactyla (Rose Plume), Orthotelia sparganella (Reed Fanner) and Monochroa palustrellus (Wainscot Neb) were amongst numerous additions to the year list there, and Grass Emerald at Hythe was also new for the year (Ian Roberts).

Dotted Fan-foot at West Hythe

(Ian Roberts)

Pempelia palumbella at West Hythe

(Ian Roberts)

Clay Fan-foot at West Hythe

(Ian Roberts)

Cosmopterix scrobaiella at West Hythe (Ian Roberts)

5th - A Cuckoo at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

Dark Umber, Slender Brindle and Wormwood Pug at Kiln Wood were new for the year, also a Catoptria verellus (Marbled Grass-veneer) there and Orange-tailed Clearwing at Hythe was also new for the year (Ian Roberts).

4th - Cydalima perspectalis (Box Tree Moth), Acleris forsskaleana (Maple Button), Acleris variegana (Garden Rose Tortrix) and Triple-spotted Clay at Seabrook were new for the year (Paul Howe), as was Marbled Green at Hythe (Ian Roberts).

3rd - The Spinach and Pandemis heparana (Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix) at Seabrook were new for the year (Paul Howe).

2nd - A Honey Buzzard flew east at Samphire Hoe (Paul Holt).

Leopard Moth, Orange Moth, Round-winged Muslin, the Suspected, Oxyptilus parvidactyla (Small Plume), Merrifieldia baliodactylus (Dingy White Plume), Stenoptilia zophodactylus (Dowdy Plume), Cnephasia longana (Long-winged Shade), Celypha rufana (Lakes Marble), Delplanqueia inscriptella (Brown Powdered Knot-horn) and Eudonia lineola (White-line Grey) were amongst several additions to the year list at Samphire Hoe, also a  Catoptria verellus (Marbled Grass-veneer) there (Kevin Button / Ian Roberts). Acleris kochiella (Elm Button) at Seabrook was also new for the year (Paul Howe).

1st - Sussex Emerald and Sophronia semicostella (White-shouldered Sober) at Hythe were new for the year (Ian Roberts).

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