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Last updated: 26th May
The 2020 area bird year list is 176 species (175 species at the same time last year)

26th - 2 Hobbies flew in off the sea at Abbotscliffe (Ian Roberts).

Nemapogon cloacella (Cork Moth) at Seabrook (Paul Howe), Teleiopsis diffinis (Large Groundling) and Pandemis cerasana (Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix) at Hythe and Aphelia paleana (Timothy Tortrix) at Abbotscliffe (Ian Roberts) were new for the year.

Raven at Lympne

(Nick Hollands)

Agrotera nemoralis at Saltwood

(Colin Dunster)

Corn Bunting at Abbotscliffe

(Ian Roberts)

25th - A Honey Buzzard flew in off the sea at Folkestone Warren (Dale Gibson).

The 5th area record of Beautiful Marbled and a Dusky Hook-tip at Folkestone Warren (J Clarke). Six-belted Clearwing at Hythe Ranges, Marbled White-spot, Pinion-streaked Snout and Ingrailed Clay at Gibbin's Brook and Green Pug at Hythe were new for the year (Ian Roberts).

24th - A Red Kite and 40 Swifts flew west over Nickolls Quarry, also a Hobby and a Cuckoo there. A Little Egret at Donkey Street (Brian Harper / Ian Roberts). 2 Red Kites flew east over Lympne (Nick Hollands).

Lobesia littoralis (Shore Marble) at Botolph's Bridge Road and Treble-bar at Hythe were new for the year (Ian Roberts).

23rd - A Turtle Dove in a garden near the Sene Valley golf course (Geoff Cooke).

Scalloped Hazel, Roeslerstammia erxlebella (Copper Ermel), Epinotia bilunana  (Crescent Bell) and Tortrix viridana (Green Oak Tortrix) at Kiln Wood were new for the year (Brian Harper).    

22nd - A Wood Sandpiper flew over Nickolls Quarry (Ian Roberts).

The first area record of Cryptic Fern, the 4th area record of Beautiful Marbled, the Fern, Tawny Marbled Minor, Agonopterix pallorella (Pale Flat-body), Coleophora discordella (Lotus Case-bearer) and Parectopa ononidis (Clover Slender) at Folkestone Warren (David Shenton / Andy Millar / Andrew Lawson), Pine Beauty and Argyresthia spinosella (Blackthorn Argent) at Seabrook (Paul Howe) and Anania perlucidalis (Fenland Pearl), Anania crocealis (Ochreous Pearl), Poplar Lutestring, Poplar Kitten, Reed Dagger, Marbled Coronet and Gold Spot at Nickolls Quarry (Ian Roberts) were among the additions for the year.

Cryptic Fern at Folkestone Warren

(David Shenton)

The Fern at Folkestone Warren

(David Shenton)

Beautiful Marbled at Folkestone Warren (Andy Millar)

Pine Beauty at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

21st - A Marsh Warbler singing at an undisclosed location and a Hobby flew north over Hythe (Ian Roberts).

The second area (and 4th British record) of Caloptilia honoratella (Pale Maple Slender), Swamerdamia pyrella (Little Ermel) and the Lychnis at Seabrook (Paul Howe), Agrotera nemoralis (Beautiful Pearl) at Saltwood (Colin Dunster), Lobesia reliquana (Oak Marble), Nymphula nitidulata (Beautiful China Mark), Oak Hook-tip, Flame Carpet and Obscure Wainscot at Aldergate Bridge (Brian Harper), Elachista subocellea (Brown-barred Dwarf) at Abbotscliffe and Ethmia terminella (Five-spot Ermel), Aethes tesserana (Downland Conch) and Yellow Belle at Hythe Ranges/Fisherman's Beach (Ian Roberts) were among the additions for the year.

20th - The second area record (and c.12th British record) of Banded Pine CarpetDusky Hook-tip, Scalloped Hook-tip, Satin Lutestring, Tawny-barred Angle, Grey Birch and White-pinion Spotted near Saltwood (Ian Roberts / Kevin Button) and Latticed Heath and Scoparia pyralella (Meadow Grey) at Abbotscliffe (Paul Howe) were among the additions for the year.

Caloptilia honoratella at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Banded Pine Carpet near Saltwood

(Ian Roberts)

Peppered Moth at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Raven at Lympne

(Philip Sharp)

19th -  Light Emerald at Saltwood (Colin Dunster), Mottled Pug and Peppered Moth at Seabrook (Paul Howe) and Mottled Rustic and Willow Beauty at Hythe (Ian Roberts) were among the additions to the year list. 

18th - A Little Egret below Abbotscliffe and 7 Swallows flew in off the sea at Capel-le-Ferne (Kevin Harding).

Scorched Carpet, Silver-ground Carpet, Brown-Silver-line and Eyed Hawk Moth at the Aldergate Bridge (Brian Harper), Shoulder-striped Wainscot at Saltwood (Colin Dunster) and Poplar Hawk-moth at Hythe (Ian Roberts) were among several additions to the year list. A Small Blue in Folkestone Warren was also of note (Kevin Harding) and was a Four-spotted Chaser at Seabrook (Paul Howe).

17th - 3 Swallows flew in off the sea at Capel-le-Ferne (Ian Roberts). 3 Swallows flew in off the sea at Princes Parade (Bruce Findlay). A Shag offshore from Seabrook (Paul Howe). 5 Ravens fledged from a nest at Lympne and a Hobby flew over (Philip Sharp). A Cetti's Warbler and 2 Sedge Warblers along the canal between Hythe and Seabrook (Chris Gillard).

Alder Moth at Saltwood (Colin Dunster), Poplar Grey at Hythe and Small Blue and Alabonia geoffrella (Common Tubic) at Folkestone Warren (Ian Roberts) were among the new species for the year. A Mink and a Grass Snake along the canal between Hythe and Seabrook (Chris Gillard).

16th - A Siskin, 2 Yellow Wagtails and 4 Swallows flew in off the sea at Abbotscliffe, also 2 Corn Buntings there (Ian Roberts). A Hobby at Seabrook and a Redshank at Hythe Ranges (Brian Harper).

Clouded Border and Common Wainscot at Aldergate Bridge (Brian Harper) and Dark Arches, Large Yellow Underwing and Dichrorampha acuminatana (Sharp-winged Drill) at Hythe (Ian Roberts) were new for the year.

13th - A Turtle Dove in a garden in Lympne (Philip Sharp). 6 Sand Martins at Nickolls Quarry (Ian Roberts).

Turtle Dove at Lympne
(Philip Sharp)

Raven at Lympne

(Nick Hollands)

White Spot at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Broad-barred White at Hythe

(Ian Roberts)

12th - A Common Sandpiper and a Cuckoo at Nickolls Quarry (Ian Roberts).

11th - A Little Tern off Princes Parade (Brian Harper) and four Little Terns off Hythe (Bruce Findlay).

10th - A Hobby, a Cuckoo and a Common Sandpiper at Nickolls Quarry. A Brent Goose and 2 Common Sandpipers at the Hythe Redoubt. A Red Kite flew east over West Hythe (Brian Harper / Ian Roberts). A Nightingale in the Round Hill / Holy Well area, for its third day (Stephanie Lea / Phil Lightman).

White Spot, Caloptilia azaleella (Azalea Leaf Miner) and Hedya pruniana (Plum Tortrix) at Seabrook (Paul Howe), Channel Islands Pug at Hythe (Ian Roberts) and Clouded Silver and Fern (agg.) Saltwood (Colin Dunster) were new for the year.

9th - A Turtle Dove at Hythe Roughs and 3 Common Sandpipers at Nickolls Quarry (Brian Harper). A Corn Bunting at Abbotscliffe, where 3 Red Kites flew west and 4 Red Kites flew west over West Hythe (Paul Edmondson / Ian Roberts). 4 Red Kites flew east over Cheriton (Ralph Thorogood) and a Red Kite flew east over Seabrook (Paul Howe).

The Mocha, Peach Blossom, the Seraphim, Coxcomb Prominent and White Ermine at the Aldergate Bridge, Sandy Carpet at Seabrook and Lime Hawk-moth and Orange Footman at several sites were among the additions to the moth year list (Brian Harper / Paul Howe / Colin Dunster / Ian Roberts).

Wryneck at Abbotscliffe

(Paul Edmondson)

Lace Border at Folkestone Warren

(Nathan Jones)

Sandy Carpet at Seabrook

(Paul Howe)

Dew Moth at Abbotscliffe

(Ian Roberts)

8th - A Wryneck at Abbotscliffe, where a Yellow Wagtail and 2 Sand Martins arrived in off the sea (Paul Edmondson / Ian Roberts). A Hobby at Westenhanger and 12 Crossbills flew north-east over Lympne (Philip Sharp). 2 Ring-necked Parakeets flew over Cheriton (Dave Clarke). 2 Hobbies along the Aldington Road (Brian Harper).

Lace Border at Folkestone Warren (Nathan Jones), Small Purple-barred and Aspilapteryx tringipennella (Ribwort Slender) at Abbotscliffe, Broad-barred White, Plutella xylostella (Diamond-back Moth) and Evergestis forficalis (Garden Pebble) at Hythe (Ian Roberts), Buff-tip and Rustic Shouder-knot at Saltwood (Colin Dunster) and Treble Brown Spot at Seabrook (Paul Howe) were new for the year.

7th - Red Kites were seen over Palmarsh and the Aldergate Bridge (Brian Harper). 2 Cetti's Warblers and 18 Reed Warblers at Princes Parade (Kevin Harding). A Great Skua, a Brent Goose, a Turnstone, 3 Sanderling, 92 Gannets and 106 Common Scoter flew east at sea (Ian Roberts). A Whinchat at Abbotscliffe (Paul Edmondson).

A Brimstone at Seabrook Stream (Kevin Harding). Lunar Thorn, Maiden's Blush and Garden Carpet at Saltwood were new for the year (Colin Dunster).

6th - 3 Grey Plover, 4 Black-tailed Godwits, 4 Little Terns, 26 Common Scoter, 29 Whimbrel and 85 Common/Arctic Terns flew east at sea and 5 Swallows arrived in off, also 8 Swifts at Hythe (Ian Roberts / Bruce Findlay). A Garden Warbler singing at Princes Parade (Brian Harper). A Dunlin and 7 Turnstones on the rock groynes at Hythe (Chris Gillard). A Willow Warbler and a Swallow at Copt Point (David Featherbe).

5th - Small Dusty Wave and Nutmeg at Seabrook (Paul Howe), Ethmia bipunctella (Bordered Ermel) and Cabbage Moth at Hythe (Ian Roberts) and Green Carpet at Saltwood (Colin Dunster) were new for the year.

4th - A Ringed Plover, 2 Greenshank, 2 Arctic Skuas, 5 Curlew, 11 Whimbrel and 22 Dunlin flew east at sea and a Yellow Wagtail, 5 House Martins, 9 Swifts and 12 Swallows arrived in off (Ian Roberts). 7 Swifts were seen over Folkestone (John Tomlinson). 

Celypha lacunana (Common Marble) and Notocelia cynosbatella (Yellow-faced Bell) at Seabrook were new for the year (Paul Howe).

3rd - A Spoonbill flew west past Mill Point (Chris Gillard). 2 Golden Plovers flew in off the sea at Abbotscliffe (Paul Edmondson).

Depressaria radiella (Parsnip Moth) at Seabrook (Paul Howe) and Incurvaria mascuella (Feathered Bright) and Cochylis atricapitana (Black-headed Conch) at Hythe (Ian Roberts) were new for the year.

2nd - A Sedge Warbler, a Wheatear and 3 Willow Warblers at Abbotscliffe, where 2 Yellow Wagtails, 3 House Martins, 8 Swifts and 26 Swallows arrived in off the sea (Ian Roberts / Paul Edmondson). 3 House Martins and 5 Swallows arrived in off the sea at Copt Point (Alistair Mackay / David Featherbe).

Dew Moth at Abbotscliffe was new for the year (Ian Roberts).

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